Yoga and counselling complement one another beautifully


The Minded Institute
The Minded Institute is a leader in mind-body health. They draw on yoga, mindfulness, psychology, modern medicine, and neuroscience to provide simple and cutting edge techniques to improve mood, reduce stress and help those with mental health issues.

Helen Cushing – Life Beyond
Helen has trained with the same lineage and has been using the same Yogic interventions with Vietnam veterans, refugees, war victims, family violence survivors, terrorism survivors and others with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and complex trauma since 2004 and is now promoting yoga-based solutions to those suffering the devastating effects that traumatic experiences can leave.

Tools for inner peace
Empowering refugees and conflict survivors to manage their own healing and wellbeing with tools from yoga.

Ourmala has been delivering specialist yoga classes for people seeking international protection in the UK, such as refugees, since 2011.

Bihar School of Yoga
Internationally reknown tradition of Yoga where I lived and trained for many years