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What clients and students say

Mark is a supportive and encouraging teacher. He is also a brilliant deliverer of Yoga Nidra. Learning how to deliver Yoga Nidra bought a new dimension to my teaching as well as my own practice. I still regularly deliver Yoga Nidra and the practice is always very well received. Our teaching was extensive and delivered over a period of time; at the end of the course I felt confident to bring the practice in to my classes when appropriate.
Wendy Brooking

Switch off from the demands of the outside world, learn to breathe slowly and deeply and embrace the calm that ensues. Gentle, but highly effective exercises, periods of deep relaxation and Mark’s insightful words about life, provide the perfect combination for a truly wonderful yoga class. I love it!
Cathy Burley

I have been attending Mark’s classes for nearly 5 years, attending the first class knowing nothing about the practice but wanting to improve my mind and body. I couldn’t have picked a better class, with the practice of Yoga Nidra and gentle physical practices it is a great combination for anyone looking at becoming more aware of their body and mind. I have learnt how to make time for myself and take the practices learnt in class into everyday life.
I would recommend Mark’s classes to anyone looking at improving their mind and body.
Jane Wyke

Mark is one of the most gifted teachers I’ve ever had to pleasure to learn from. He’s also one of the nicest, most patient and genuine people you could wish to meet.
Over the past four years, his ability to cover all aspects of the body, mind and soul has both delighted and astonished me.
Not only has this amazing teacher taught this 64-year-old about the physical benefits yoga provides, he has also taught me patience, positivity and acceptance. Having spent many years in India, his level of knowledge is phenomenal and his teaching methods are inspirational and suitable for any age and any ability. Frustrated in the early days at not being able to “master” a particular asana, he explained to me that yoga practice is not about arriving at a destination – it’s about the journey. That journey is an amazing experience with such a wonderfully warm, compassionate and nurturing teacher.
Lynne French

Each class has its’ own unique focus – never predictable, but always hugely edifying and beneficial. Mark is a superb teacher, in the true sense of the word. He has a gentle manner, great clarity of communication, immense wisdom, and a genuine sympathy for the needs and aspirations of his students – whatever their level of experience or physical ability.
I like the balanced approach – each class always features a carefully considered mix of relaxation, physical postures, breathing techniques and meditative practice. I have attended several yoga classes led by various teachers, but have yet to meet anyone as approachable as Mark, offering so much inspiration, with undoubted technical competence, yet with such selflessness and consideration. These classes have changed my life for the better – thank you so much!
Dr Nigel Coles

Yoga with Mark is a real highlight of my week. The classes give a real balance between the physical movement I need and the emotional/spiritual connection to my body, to enable me to live a fuller life with MS”.
Jacqui Rowley

I found Mark’s combination of counselling and yoga really helpful. He was careful, not wanting to dig in to private issues unless I, the client, felt I had something to say and Mark dealt with those issues sensitively. Mark only worked on one point in counselling at a time so the sessions were not overwhelming. At the beginning of a session Mark asked what I wished to achieve and he would give me basic yoga moves to begin with to see how much I could do in a session. He would then create a session specifically tailored for me and would adjust the sessions as time went on to develop a stronger mind, body and spirit. I am now able to do volunteer work and go back to studying music. Before I was a person with a very weak mind, body and spirit, highly depressed with erratic behavioural epilepsy. Now thanks to Mark I’ve found me again. Thank you Mark.
Name withheld